six-man volleyball tournament.

the infamous manhattan beach volleyball insanity tournament.

the mascot for the bullfighting (?) team.

the day after i photographed the EOS launch party i headed over to manhattan beach to watch/partake in the madness of six-man with a bunch of friends…this famed august volleyball tournament combines two days of volleyball competition with an all-out, all-day beach party. it reminded me of attending the preakness in college and partying on the infield with all the other maniacs who preferred to chug beers in the sun than be seated in the grandstands. i attended the preakness four times, yet i never saw an actual horse. at six-man you couldn’t miss the volleyball players, decked out in wild costumes they were everywhere, with matches happening in the midst of the partying. it was quite an experience, and i’m just happy my camera survived, not to mention snapped some sweet photos…

possibly the most ironic sign i’ve ever seen considering everyone i saw was wildly drunk and consuming massive quantities of alcohol, including a number of the volleyball players…

the madness:


the costumes.

the craziness:

pretty manhattan beach (the day after):



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