critical exposure: gallery opening.

DC students exhibit their photography work.


last week i attended critical exposure’s “through the lens of DC youth” photography exhibit at the ARTiculate gallery. i recently posted about my experience working with critical exposure, and was very excited to see the students’ work on display. i was so impressed with their willingness to tackle serious issues and their ability to capture them with such great perspective. the images + words throughout the exhibit focused on a clear message – only about half of dc students graduate from high school, and a small fraction of that number pursue a college degree. the photography students not only documented the causes + consequences surrounding the dropout crisis, but also sought possible solutions to the problem. topics covered ranged from violence, to school programs, to drugs  alcohol, gangs, teen pregnancy, and despair. the students worked within their own communities and schools, sharing what they saw and using their cameras to give an glimpse into the dropout crisis.

i would encourage everyone to visit the exhibit – it is a fantastic opportunity to truly look through someone else’s eyes. there is an educational crisis happening in our city, and all over the country, and while the statistics are shocking, these images portray a reality that is far more unsettling. i found that the true power of the photographs lay in their ability to make me question how children are supposed to deal with such situations. how are they to succeed in environments where gangs and violence are prevalent? where classrooms are in disrepair and school is not a safe place? their photographs take you into their world and allow you to see and feel what they see and feel. i believe these images are a call to action, and a challenge. who will act on behalf of our youth? who will help secure a better future?

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i was surprised and excited to see this image i took of my student, msugh, on display at the exhibit!

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critical exposure :: the power of photography

critical exposure :: gallery opening!

critical exposure :: in the classroom!

critical exposure :: photo students!



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