keep calm and carry massage on.

the brilliant + talented leigh stevens, at her home studio in philadelphia.

leigh stevens, the incredibly creative mastermind behind least likely to breed (LL2B), is a woman of many talents — artist, massage therapist, business woman, mother, wife, and aesthetic genius — she does it all! ever since i discovered her fabulous products and ordered my custom lip balms ages ago, ive loved working with her and getting to know her better. last year i did a session with her + scott to celebrate their 8th wedding anniversary and was thrilled to visit her again in philly last month. leigh is preparing to launch her newest project — whereapy, a comprehensive online guide to therapy in philadelphia — and i spent the day documenting various forms of therapy, from massage to reiki to acupuncture and more! it was a fantastic experience — check out their *new* blog online :: blog.whereapy.com



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