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susan + jim: married!

susan + jim = bliss.

susan + jim :: married! park hyatt — washington, dc

susan + jim are married!

i absolutely *love* this couple! i was so very excited to see them — they live in detroit so i hadn’t seen them in over a year! i’ve been looking forward to their wedding all season for so many reasons — first of all, they are awesome, totally in love, and a super cool couple. susan + jim both have great energy and i connected strongly with them the moment we met. jim designs cars (how sweet is that?) and they both have a great appreciation for art + design, so they focused on lots of unique + personal details an i knew it was going to be gorgeous! also, photography was very important to them and i was honored that they chose me to document their day! they also chose one of my favorite dj’s of all time — the incredible ninja-tastic, breakdancing dan huynh — who completely rocked the party like no other!

and in fact, the entire day was wonderful — from the pre-wedding excitement to the very last dance, i was completely captivated by susan + jim’s classy and charismatic aura. they seemed to completely float through the day, receiving the love and well wishes from family + friends who were so happy to celebrate with them. there wasn’t a moment when i didn’t feel incredibly privileged to be capturing the love at this wedding — and the crazy dance party that followed was pretty awesome too! i have to say my jaw literally dropped when i entered the ballroom at the park hyatt before the reception — it was beyond stunning. the colors, the lights, the unreal centerpieces — brilliant.

susan + jim :: simply put, you rock. i loved being part of your day — your wedding was outstanding! i hope your alaskan honeymoon was perfect + amazing — we have to compare stories when i get back from vancouver island! XO!


LOVE this next one!

…and because every groom needs a secret service entourage…



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love in the nation’s capital.

susan + jim :: married! the park hyatt – washington, dc.

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