troy: littlest heroes project session!

a little hero + his family!


last weekend i had the opportunity to document another session for the littlest heroes project! i’m honored to be a part of this amazing organization and was so excited to meet troy + his family! i spent the morning at their home watching troy + his big sister mya playing all their favorite games – mr potatoe head, bubbles, swinging, reading books, and more!

troy is a happy, loving little 2 year old boy who was recently diagnosed with autism. his family is working to learn everything they can about this terrible disease and are making sure that troy gets all the attention he needs to grow, learn and thrive. he is very lucky to have such amazing parents who love him so much, and a big sister who loves helping take care of him :)

my favorite photo is the one of troy laughing with his dad – his parents know exactly what makes him the happiest and his smile is so gorgeous. i’m very thankful to have met this amazing little boy and his inspiring family – enjoy!







happy family!




itsy bitsy spider :)




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18 responses to “troy: littlest heroes project session!

  1. jeff krivak


    Thank you once again for your time, and your great work!

    The pictures are perfect — just amazing shots of Troy with the family. (Note: my favorite photo is the one of Troy laughing with me too — ha ha).

    Additionally, thank you for your very kind words about the Krivak family. It was a pleasure to meet you as well.

    Please take care and stay in touch.


    Jeff Krivak and the Krivak family

    • marine

      what a great surprise it is to find, luckily, these wonderful pictures of my favorite american family!
      jeff, i have lost your email address and can’t seem to reach you!!!
      i am so proud of saying that i was, not so long ago, the babysitter of those wonderful childs…
      Troy has grown and looks so happy, it’s amazing!
      mya is stunning, as always,
      and you and lisa look happy and gorgous!
      if you get my little message, i hope you can email me at my new email, i have loads to tell you, and really hope i can see you soon!
      lots of love to all of you,
      marine aka Rine!

    • Kristen Cappola


      Long time no chit chat! I stumbled across this website while doing some research for a girlfriend. Your family is absolutely beautiful! Beautiful photos…..


  2. I love these and that you volunteer for this organization. What a beautiful child and family!! Great captures!!

  3. jen

    what a gorgeous family and fabulous pictures. thanks for sharing! i continue to enjoy your work so much!

  4. Lisa

    Jaime – Love, love, love the pictures! Priceless. Thank you so very much for capturing those special moments the way you did! You are awesome!


  5. Lisa Reiferson

    Wow! What great pictures of such a beautiful family! You really captured some great moments! Troy is so precious! So is Mya!

  6. Katherine Bates

    Great photographer and beautiful family!

  7. Dori

    What a gorgeous family! I love how the photos really capture the expressions and love of everyone!

  8. Kay

    It is truly amazing to see how you captured the genuine and sincere love and happiness that shines through this beautiful family. I was so moved by the opportunity to see everything we see and love about Troy preserved in time through your pictures.


  9. kim

    Im a member of the Littlest Heroes as well. These are great- what a beautiful family.

  10. Audrey E. Scott

    I so enjoyed the pictures of Jeff and his beautiful family. The pictures are so much more than images, they reflect the personalities and the inner souls of the subjects. Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Joyce and Tom Krivak

    Lisa and Jeff –

    Words cannot express the love that is captured in your family photos. They are BEAUTIFUL and your love for one another is apparent. It is the daily laughter, kisses, scrapes, scratches, and hugs that turn a little boy and girl into a healthy and happy individuals. It is because of you and your commitment to family and faith – that you see so much happiness in each and every photo. Thank you for sharing your love for one another and your children with all of us. You are truly special people and special parents. Mya and Troy are blessed to call you “Mommy and Daddy”

    With much love and blessings,
    Aunt Joyce and Uncle Tom

  12. Patty Adams

    What a beautiful family and so much love was all around. So happy you shared with all of us. Ken and I are friends of Jeanne and Joe Krivak and certainly enjoy their family and friendship.


  13. Werner Schuller

    Dear Jeff and Lisa,

    These are the first photos I am seeing since you have left Lyon – believe me I am very much overwhelmed by these wonderful photos. I am so happy for you and very proud of you. You are doing an amazing job to provide the best to Troy and Mya. The photos are proofing how happy your family is no matter what destiny brings along. Never surrender.

    Werner, Gitta, Marlene and Arnold

  14. Susan Salsbury

    Great photos! A combination of skilled photography and incredibly cute kids.

    Cheers to all four of you.

  15. Carmack Demonbreun


    Thanks for sending me the pictures of you, Lisa, and your two beautiful children, Maya and Troy. I am going to print these photos to frame in my house the way I have framed the picture of you and Lisa when you were first married. I can’t wait to meet them when I come to town next month.

    Take Care, and God Bless,


  16. Jamie: You have truly captured the Troy that we know and love. Mya is a great “big sister” and you said it all–they are an incredible family. But, of course, we are prejudice!!

    With much love and prayers,

    Grandma and Grandpa Krivak

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