jessi + joe: the neon graveyard.

love in the neon graveyard.


what better way to start a whirlwind wedding weekend in fabulous las vegas than a photo shoot in a surreal neon graveyard?

i was *thrilled* to visit the neon museum and take jessi + joe on a tour of the boneyard for a quick session! i love las vegas and i love spontaneous, confident couples and i honestly couldn’t love anyone more than jessi + joe! jessi is my gorgeous, amazing little sister and it was fantastic to be able to document their love + excitement all weekend!

this session was so crazy – jessi + joe flew in to vegas that morning, i picked them up, ran them downtown to the get their marriage license, dropped them at the venetian where they did a quick change, and then took off to the neon museum for our session! it was a super sunny vegas afternoon, but we had such a good time exploring the old signs and wandering through the iconic debris. we were all bursting with excitement for their wedding (the next day!!) and i am so glad i had the opportunity to shoot such a fantastic couple in this ridiculous location – i can’t wait to return!




















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19 responses to “jessi + joe: the neon graveyard.

  1. love love love love. especially them sitting by the SIN sign.. yeah!!

  2. Sean

    Amazing Jaime. PS – is it weird that I visit your blog more than

  3. mamasita

    Okay…seriously? …been waiting for this moment…the most happiest couple EVER! i am such the proud mama!
    jessi and joe…your love for one another is astounding…
    i love you!
    ps…photog you ROCK!

  4. Kate N.

    I’ve been waiting to see these since I saw the preview on Facebook. Awesome place and beautiful pictures!!

  5. Chris

    I love them all!!

  6. Lindsay

    Thanks so much for posting these! You are amazing.

    And Jessi & Joe – you guys look so happy and in love. Since you’re both HOT, you look awesome in these pics. xoxo

  7. Donna

    These are amazing!!!! Viva Las Vegas!

  8. jamie richards

    a.w.e.s.o.m.e. — awesome, awesome, awesome hi-mee!!!!!!!
    LUV the one where jessi has a tina smile :) they are a seriously great looking couple! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. eden


    Love the pics Jaime. But seriously, how could they be bad? Have you SEEN these two??

  10. Kelcey

    Hooray, these are so awesome (obviously). We’re so happy for you both!! xoxoxo. Love, the streggers

  11. Carol

    Joe & Jessi – I’m so happy for the two of you. You both are absolutely beautiful! I love the pictures…and you too!

    Jaime – You’re incredible! Awesome job! Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. I love all of them! HOT couple!!!

  13. joe&jessi

    Jaime these are awesome! Thank you so much!

  14. Dad

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!! you both glow with happiness happy 2nd week anniversary love ….Dad

  15. k.a.s.

    coolest location ever. amazing. himay is photo-badass.

  16. Cef

    I love the smirk on jessi’s face to the right of the one with “joe’s longhorn casino”.

  17. christy

    I agree with Cef….the smirk photo is my fave….they’re all fantastic (of course)

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