san francisco.

the golden gate bridge as seen from my perch on the rocks, north baker beach, ca.



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10 responses to “san francisco.

  1. a POSTCARD! nice shot.

  2. Laci

    I have been to this same exact spot and have many photos, but none as gorgeous as this one! You really captured it perfectly!

  3. Sheryl Johnson

    Gorgeous photo. Wish I had it last year this time when I was marketing a conference in San Fran. Do you have any Chicago shots?

  4. Donna

    That is an awesome shot!

  5. jamie richards

    tine – so beautiful!! i finally figured out how to get daily blog updates from you…YAY!!!!!!!

  6. San Francisco is a place that I’ve always wanted to visit! :) I hope you had an amazing trip!

  7. wowza. fantastic shot, lady.

  8. nicole

    i wanna go. i heart san fran big time. gorgeous photo

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