rita + patrick: married!

a baltimore love affair.


rita + patrick had the perfect baltimore wedding. since charm city is where they met and fell in love, it was the ideal place for their wedding. they had a very intimate ceremony on the water just outside of the baltimore museum of industry with 30 of their closest family + friends. afterwards, more guests joined the reception at the BMI to celebrate with the newly married rita + patrick. 

i loved rita + patrick from the moment i met them. they are both genuinely kind, easy going, happy people. rita struck me as strong and smart (my two favorite qualities in a person!) and patrick had the most amazing and infectious smile. we bonded instantly over irish beer and stylish tennis shoes, and i knew i had to shoot their wedding. over the next few months i learned that rita might be the only person i know who works more than i do, and with our hectic schedules and the crazy springtime thunderstorms, shooting their engagement session proved to be impossible. i was disappointed (everyone knows how much i love and value engagement sessions!) but i was overjoyed when rita + patrick informed me that we would have 2+ hours to drive around baltimore before their wedding and take photos all over the city! since most of my couples give me approximately 8.5 minutes to take wedding photos (yes! very true!) i hardly knew what to do with myself i was so excited! from the harbor we jumped in the limo and toured the city – from mt vernon to fells point to canton square, we shot at their baltimore landmarks, some of my favorite places, and everyone’s favorite bar, nacho mama’s! it was so much fun, and i captured so many great candid portraits as we romped around town – an excellent prelude to a fabulous wedding!

the baltimore museum of industry was every bit as awesome as i knew it would be – best venue ever. the colors and the light were unreal, and the museum was open for guests (and photographers!) to explore. i loved everything about rita + patrick’s wedding – the excitement, the energy, and the emotion was high and tangible and i am so very happy they found each other and then found me! yay!

it should be noted that the diablo sandwich band seriously rocked the house. kudos to everyone in the band for being so talented, so fun and so amazingly photogenic! and of course, a hugemongous thanks to the uber-talented jessi ringer for joining me – as someone who never uses a second shooter i simply LOVE shooting with jessi! it’s basically like having a (crazier, in a good way!) extension of myself and i love seeing her take on the day – check out her work here!

rita + patrick: congrats! we loved being a part of your wedding day and are so happy for you both! WOOHOO!









































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10 responses to “rita + patrick: married!

  1. Sharon Sefton

    Jaime, loved the pics–especially the one of the musician wearing the hat…nice work. And I love all the different vantage points you shoot from. You’re a girl who’s not afraid to get down! You obviously love your work and I can only imagine your presence as photographer makes the occasion you are shooting more joy-filled and fun!

  2. Rita Miner

    Jaime- Not only are you the coolest person on the earth, you are also the BEST photographer (DUH!). We had a blast and the shots are amazing! Thanks for making our day fun & festive, and for catching every precious, ROCKIN’ moment!!! Pumas forever, RTM

  3. Nicole Treadwell

    The pictures look beautiful. Great job Jaime & Jessi. I love the angle in the bar picture. Sister, you and my new Brother are the most happenist couple out there. Congrats to you both. Jaime, who is the really tall guy in the ceremony pictures? He’s hot! :)

  4. Jaime, as you already know these are AMAZING! I can’t really comment on one particular picture because I really do love them all!!! I had so much fun shooting this wedding with you:) Did you ever know that you’re my hero?! haha

  5. Jaime these photos are incredible. You are not only the coolest person on earth (Rita) but you’re the best photographer on the planet! No wait, in the whole galaxy! Scratch that, in the entire known universe! Seriously these photos are fantastic.

    Pat and Rita, you both look incredible in all these shots. You picked the right place(s), the right band, the right photographer and most importantly the right spouse. It was a perfect wedding and you look great together. Here’s to many, many years of health and happiness. Cheers!

  6. Hi Jaime.
    These pictures are beautiful!!! I knew they would be. What fun we all had. Can’t wait to work with you again!
    Wedding Savvy, Inc.

  7. these are some of my fav photos ever – i LOVE them. it looks like it was an exceptionally fun event!

  8. Trudy

    Thanks for sharing! These are amazing photos of an amazing couple!

  9. love love love! incredible pics! we had our reception at the BMI, so i have a special place for it in my heart. i would’ve killed for that airplane shot during dinner – freaking fabulous!

  10. Rita!!! You look SO stunning! And Patrick you look very handsome. Your wedding looks fabulous. Wonderful photos! Jamie I can’t wait to work with you on Aug. 15th.

    Raquel Shutt
    Wedding Savvy

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