donna + brian: engaged!

love: philadelphia style.


donna + brian are engaged! they are young, fun, in love, and they are *huge* phillies fans! i traveled up to philadephia and met them at citizens bank park – the phillies gorgeous baseball stadium. donna arranged for us to have a tour of the stadium, inside + out – we wandered through the building, peeked in the locker rooms, hit up the players’ club and the press box, and then headed outside. we explored the dugout, the field, the stands, and were in awe of how massive and empty it was with just the three of us there (plus our fabulous tour guide!) all around the stadium neon-lights congratulated donna + brian on their engagement – it was so awesome!

after the stadium, we ventured downtown for some pretty city shots near the art museum and the waterfront. it was an absolutely gorgeous day and i am so glad i finally got to meet donna + brian! donna and i have been facebook buddies ever since she first contacted me about setting up a session, and brian’s older brother dave (of dave + amanda) is a friend + former client, so it felt like we already knew each other :) i loved our action-packed session and all the fantastic locations we visited – donna + brian you guys rock! 


getting married on the 15th of may 2010!



sweet phillies backdrop in the press conference room!


all of the jumbotrons displayed congratulation messages!


view from the press box…

near the fairmount water works…







i can find good love graffiti anywhere!



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14 responses to “donna + brian: engaged!

  1. Donna Marie

    Jaime, OMG these are AMAZING!!! I love them, thanks so much!!!

  2. Amanda

    They look awesome! I love them!

  3. Brian

    Love these! Thanks again, we had a great time, and got some great pics!

  4. Cari

    These are awesome!!! You guys look so great! Congratulations again.

  5. Horn

    Brian you are SOOO CUTE!

    Seriously though, I want to go in the Phillies locker room. That looked pretty awesome!

  6. Alisha

    Love the pictures, you guys look so cute together! Little upset I don’t see the hometown O’s in the background, I guess you have fully converted to the Philly sports teams. Love ya anyways.. GO RAVENS!!

    P.S. Nice job with the ring!

  7. Danette

    So nice, You both look great. Lima I think you should become a professional model.

  8. Kristen

    Those are beautiful!!!! You guys look great and pics are awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Chris

    Love them all!

  10. WOW!! AMAZING photographs! I love the entire concept and how fabulous the pictures turned out!

    Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

    Congrats Donna & Brian!!

  11. Gail

    The pics are beautiful, just like the both of you.

  12. Shannon

    You both look great & these photos are awesome!!!

    Can’t wait for 5-15-10!!!!!
    Go Phils :)

  13. Bridget

    Love the pics!! You guys are awesome :)
    Thanks for sending the link

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