melissa + mike: engaged!

in the name of love.


melissa + mike pretty much rock. i originally met this couple in the summer of 2007 at one of the very first weddings i ever shot – melissa was a bridesmaid at andrea + bobby’s wedding in york, pa. i was thrilled to hear from melissa again late last year when she + mike got engaged! they are getting married next weekend in philadelphia, and i had a fantastic time with them during the great philly shootout last week! technically, this should really be part III of the philly series since melissa + mike had the final session of the day, but in light of their upcoming nuptials i decided to bump them to part I!

i arrived at their absolutely adorable house late in the afternoon, having shot two sessions earlier that day. melissa was amazed at my crazy energy level, but i was just so excited to spend some time with her + mike and get to know them better before the wedding! we explored the amazing 9,000 acres that is fairmount park – hitting a ton of fantastic places and bending the rules just a bit…a little harmless climbing on the rocks (they are athletic!), entering certain park areas after hours (the gate was open!) and of course the illegal parking…i have to admit i was a little nervous, especially when i thought we might have to sleep in the butterfly garden, but it was so worth it! i love these images, i had such a great time and i cannot wait for their wedding next weekend!



















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7 responses to “melissa + mike: engaged!

  1. What a cute couple and cute locations:) I love that first picture!!

  2. Kate

    Love the black and whites!

  3. Melissa

    Yay! Love em all. See you on Saturday. Andrea and I will be waiting for ya..ha ha, watch out!


  4. Jen

    Great Pictures!!! You guys look so nat…ur…el !
    Can’t wait till SATURDAY!!!

  5. Andrea

    Aww! How beautiful!! Mike and Melissa – WOWSA…you guys look incredible! I am in love with these photos! Jaime…you ROCK! You totally caputured “it” – once again. :) Can’t wait to see everyone at the wedding! Love to you all!!

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