the blonde photog + friends.

oh hai friends!


best. present. ever.

once again the ridiculously talented quinn peyser has outdone herself! check out this amazing doodle-turned canvas that i *just* received from my amazing friends! here we all are, my favorite creative ladies, standing at attention ready to take on the world!

from left :: jessi ringer : 5ringsphoto; kim seidl : kim seidl photography; ME!; quinn peyser : quinnep doodles; mk mckenna : mary kate mckenna photography.




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7 responses to “the blonde photog + friends.

  1. Karyn M.

    Too cute. I knew that was my cousin, MK before I saw the tag! Looks just like her!

  2. MK

    WE LOVE YOU! xoxo. MK

  3. Yay for Jaime’s late birthday present!! We heart you:)

  4. Soooo cute! Nice job, Quinn :)

  5. kseidlphoto

    yayayay! can’t wait to see it in person :)

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