the littlest heroes project.

teaming up with a very worthy cause.


i’m very excited to announce that i have just been accepted as one of the photographers for the littlest heroes project! i am proud to join forces with an amazing team of photographers who donate their time + talents to this worthy organization. the littlest heroes project is a non-profit organization that matches photographers with families of children suffering from serious illnesses and/or life altering disabilities. through complimentary photo sessions, the project aims to capture the happiness + love of the children and their families – showing the children that they are true heroes to so many people! the project honors their bravery and their struggle by sharing their inspirational stories + photos with the world. 

a huge thanks to natalie franke (an amazing young woman and very passionate photographer!) for sharing this organization with me and inspiring me to join!



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12 responses to “the littlest heroes project.

  1. mamasita

    i am so proud to name you as my own…lol! you are truly an amazing woman who knows how to share her passion of life with the world! yaya…

  2. Aww, Thank you for leaving a shout out to me! I hardly deserve it! =) You are the inspiring one!

  3. Kim

    oh this sounds amazing!!! good for you!

  4. Denise

    they are so lucky to have you jaime – proud of you.


  5. Kat

    Your talent will mean so much to so many. What a great way to use your gift!

  6. what an incredible organization. you are amazing!

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