photog marathon continues…

camera crossing.


hello! i know i’ve been completely slacking blog-wise, email-wise and totally unreachable by phone – and so because that i’m *so* sorry! things have been *crazy* around here, and by crazy i mean outrageously, dizzingly, busy! last week i photographed another wonderful event for children’s hospital, did engagement photos in georgetown on halloween, photographed another amazing wedding in annapolis, and had a record THREE engagement sessions on sunday! the past three days i’ve been covering the 2008 BIG BUILDER conference at the national harbor complex, as well as a swanky election night party last night. i will be back to blogging all of the super-fabulous photos very, very soon, as well as kelcey + peter’s long over due wedding from two weeks ago! so stay tuned!

this weekend i have two more amazing weddings to look forward to: zeba + ted on saturday in dc and rin-rin + jon on sunday at the woodend! the rest of the month is full of more weddings, lifestyle + family portraits, engagements and a number of corporate shoots, as well as holiday parties and get togethers! and to top off the insanity i’ve decided to end the month by cooking thanksgiving dinner at my place this year – woohoo! more craziness to come!



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3 responses to “photog marathon continues…

  1. My head is spinning just from reading this post…how are you still functioning:P

  2. Jillian

    I agree – hang in there and I hope the cooking Thanksgiving is fun for you and not a burden!

  3. Cef

    Ummm… cranberry sauce.

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