ready, set, go!

photog marathon starts TODAY!

actually, the marathon started two days ago with an early morning session in georgetown…the last two days i have been up before dawn, doing sunrise photoshoots just to be able to squeeze everything in! in between editing, eating and sleeping, i’m shooting more than ever in the next few weeks. this weekend kicks off the crazy fall season with two awesome weddings, followed by a bridal session, two children’s lifestyle sessions, two engagement sessions, an anniversary session, another event for children’s hospital, a classy awards banquet, two corporate headshot sessions, 4 client meetings for 2009 weddings, a cameo appearance at a brownie’s troop meeting (YAY!) and a rockstar 3-day workshop with the oh-so-amazing wiebners! and that’s just october! in november i’m looking forward to 5 awesome weddings as well as engagements + lifestyle sessions. i’ll also be doing another documentary piece for NRH (the national rehabilitation hospital) which i’m very excited about. and…the holidays are coming! i’ve already started scheduling sessions for holiday cards, and i can’t wait! 

so, chances are if you do see me in the next few weeks, a camera will be mounted on my face, as well as a HUGE smile, because it’s going to be crazy and i couldn’t be more excited!! huge thanks to the amazing photographer jessi ringer for this sweet photo of me at margie + jeff’s wedding last month!!



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4 responses to “ready, set, go!

  1. Cef

    I love that pic!

  2. 5rings

    Me too:) hee hee

  3. mamasita, hon

    that’s my girl!

  4. do you ever sleep? and i sweat you because you’re going to the wiebners workshop ;)

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