sydney + tucker: lifestyle session.

backyard adventure!

last week i drove up to new jersey for lifestyle sessions with two great families: both moms have babies on the way and i bounced back and forth shooting fun candid images of these happy neighbors and their beautiful families!

i started at sydney + tucker’s house: they have a great backyard with lots of gorgeous trees, an amazing swingset, and lots of room to run around! these two have so much energy and love to have fun, especially tucker! he is a boy on the move! they are both very excited about the new baby that is on the way and their mom, jen, is absolutely glowing! 

at the end of the day i was able to get jen alone for a few quick shots – she’s so beautiful and i know this baby is going be gorgeous!



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3 responses to “sydney + tucker: lifestyle session.

  1. These are beautiful photos. I love the picture of Sydney in the hammock and in the bushes(?). The one of Tucker on the swing is so sweet;) And mom looks great too. Good looking family;)

  2. Rose

    These two families are some of the best children photos I have ever seen you do. Lovely.

  3. Cef

    I love the one of Sydney looking out the window.

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