marketing: part I.

my first marketing attempt for this fabulous little company: BLONDE PHOTO.

a preview of the front of the post cards i’ll be distributing this weekend at HONFEST

BLONDE PHOTO has a 10×10 tent right in the middle of all the action – i’m *so* excited! and overwhelmed! and EXCITED!

as the official photog of the HONFEST, i’ll be taking photos of the crowd, the activities and the contests, but also be at my tent where we are setting up a HON-tastic photo booth where you can get your photo taken in hon apparel…think feather boas, leopard prints, and fancy glasses…YAY!

for more info on this AWESOME festival go to:



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4 responses to “marketing: part I.

  1. Dad

    I want one of your card too send it soon love Dad

  2. Congratulations, and good luck! Your cards are adorable!

  3. Meredith & Paul (Bride & Groom)

    Its awesome, you better send me a couple I think I have referred you to everyone that has stepped within 5 feet of me! So….we’re kinda like celebrities now!

  4. Chris Place

    Hey , looks good, am sure more people seeing your shots will mean you’ll be even more famous!

    Hope you’re well, and if I have any bright marketing ideas from my marketing brain I’ll let you know!

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