GAUCHO III: the party.

the flair and beauty of argentina at GAUCHO III.

saturday night i photographed GAUCHO III: an absolutely fantastic event at a private residence in dc. the decor was stunning, and the cuisine + cocktails followed suit. decked out in everything from polo’s + khakis to swanky cocktail dresses + tuxedos, everyone looked fabulous and had a great time. once again, a great party!





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5-star vendor review:

greenworks florist: absolutely phenomenal floral creations!




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2 responses to “GAUCHO III: the party.

  1. Mauricio

    Jamie!! It’s Mauricio, I don’t know if you remember but we talked during Gaucho about my portfolio and stuff, well I’m hoping I can put something together over the weekend and stuff and I’ll be sure to send it! Btw, great pictures in all of your entries!

  2. MK

    wowza! love the photos! beautiful people and decor!

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