melinda + tim: engagement photos.

a culinary tour featuring ice cream, fancy cocktails, jello shots and chorizo corndogs.

i had a fantastic time hanging out with melinda + tim! they took me to all their favorite spots: whitlow’s on wilson, where they first met, mario’s for some awesome ice cream, royal lee’s for the infamous jello shots, and eat bar for some killer cocktails and super fancy bar treats. melinda and tim are getting married next month and i’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding – they are such a happy couple (check out their amazing smiles!) and a pleasure to be around. melinda is also a *fabulous* and passionate cook and i’m hoping to convince her to give me a few lessons… :)











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7 responses to “melinda + tim: engagement photos.

  1. Jennifer

    Wow, these are my friends – the photos are FANTASTIC!! : )

  2. LisaB

    I’m not Tim’s mom, but these bring tears to my eyes!
    They are a super fun couple and you brought that to film. Well done!

  3. Terrific! You captured Tim and Melinda’s individual and “couple” qualities so well in this series!

  4. Vicki Bentley-Condit

    I’m the mother of the bride and I’m loving the photos! Great job!

  5. I love the jello shot pictures, and the one of them next next to the Ear Bar sign.

    What a great job you have! I’m jealous as I sit here writing from my desk at work…

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