kristen + neto: married!

in love in luray.

weddings are full of perfect and powerful moments…moments so meaningful that they have the potential to be remembered forever. cherished not only by the bride + groom, but by anyone lucky enough to witness and appreciate them. it is because of these moments that weddings have such a profound impact on me.

as a wedding photographer, i feel honored to be in the presence of so much love, lucky to be in the midst of such fantastic celebrations, and awed by the people that i meet. i am overwhelmed and thankful to be invited into peoples’ lives to witness and document the details of their most cherished moments.

and so I begin this post with a thank you to kristen + neto: your wedding was beautiful and amazing. thank you for welcoming me into your lives, your love is truly transcendent. parabéns!

.  .  . 

kristen + neto’s wedding was a spectacular affair, a whirlwind weekend of true celebration. on saturday afternoon guests filled the bright white chairs on the great lawn of stone ridge manor and watched as the couple declared their love. they stood on the stone steps and promised to love each other forever…and when they kissed, neto held kristen’s face in his hands, pulled back to smile adoringly at her and then kissed her again…

the reception that followed was a true celebration. the music played and the champagne flowed, and the dancing never seemed to cease. the gorgeous, open tent was filled with love, energy and excitement. there was laughter and happiness. there were tears and emotion. there were many kisses and well wishes.

and there were countless moments that are certain to be remembered forever.















* * * * *
outstanding vendors:
stone ridge manor: amazing, brand new venue!
spin city productions: dj daniel carter
spin city productions: videographer jon minor
six star catering: the entire attentive + courteous staff



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9 responses to “kristen + neto: married!

  1. kitchentent

    Outstanding images!

    found you while browsing ‘tag surfer’ in the WP dashboard.

  2. I’m a blog stalker and I just LOVE that image of the toast while the girls are getting ready. Awesome!

  3. MK

    lovely as always! xoxo!

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  5. Jen

    AH! JAIME! These are AWESOME. So awesome, THAT I CAN’T STOP WRITING IN CAPS! Really, everyone and everything looks so perfect and somehow even better than I remember. You have such a knack for taking the exact right photo at the exact right moment and making even something otherwise mundane (champagne flutes), utterly magical. Well done, girl. Well done. Can’t wait to see the whole shootin’ match.

    And, if a thought bubble were over my head in that sweet dancefloor shot it would say: “That’s right. I’m white, but I can dance.” That or, “How many shots? 5!”

  6. (Aunt) Kelli

    Either you move at the speed of light or there is more than one of you! As I look at these pictures and remember the event, I can’t help but wonder how you captured so many images of seperate events that I could have swore were occuring at the same time! Can’t wait to see the family photos….if you can make the cows look so good, I better look GREAT!!

  7. Traci (Mom)

    You have so wonderfully captured the love, excitement, and joy that filled the day! Thank you! How are you able to so accurately reflect the genuine emotion, tone, and mood?!?!? We will be able to look at the photos throughout the years and be immediately transported back to the special moments of the day.

  8. Christian (Bridesmaid) :)

    WOW! Jaime you sooooo rock! I look at these pictures and smile because it brings me right back to good ole May 3rd! The pictures are outstanding girl!!! Im calling you for my wedding!

  9. Kristen (Bride!)

    Neto & I absolutely LOVE the pictures! We can’t wait to see all of them. You were a joy to have by our side on our wedding day. We consider you a true friend and are so happy you were there to share our day! Love you girl!

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