best present ever.

one of the (many) fabulous gifts that my awesome boyfriend gave me for christmas was a painting by the super talented artist kristen mills – who we met at the fort point art walk in boston.
not only do i adore her current project, titled from one to one hundred million but i *love* my 5X5 original, #47, that i purchased last spring. for christmas, john contacted kristen and she created another painting to compliment mine, inspired by john’s favorite themes that she uses throughout the series. i was so touched by such a thoughtful and unique present, and *so* excited to have another fantastic painting! check them out:



so happy together…



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4 responses to “best present ever.

  1. MK

    yeah, he’s a keeper…

  2. aubryn

    oh my gosh, that is the sweetest thing ever!

  3. Jules

    Well done John, Well done!

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