the jersey shore.

yes, it’s true that i spent labor day weekend working – there was mary + john’s fabulous wedding on sunday, and lots of editing on monday – but i managed to sneak away friday and saturday and (finally!) head to the beach.

i’ve been wanting to visit the jersey shore all summer, and since john is from new jersey, we took advantage of this honorary last weekend of the season and jumped in the car – beach bound.

we stayed in spring lake, a quiet, residential beach town, at the adorable ocean house b&b. this was certainly not the east coast beach experience i was accustomed to; in fact, with its serene atmosphere and uncultivated beauty the jersey shore was the antithesis of ocean city, md – the summer “beach-bash” extravanganza that marylanders equate with summertime at the shore. relentlessly jammed pack full of people, liquor stores, bars, restaurants, hotels and shops, ocean city is anything but peaceful, forget relaxing, but it can be incredibly fun, if you’re into all the action that goes on 24/7. here in spring lake the action consisted of an afternoon bike ride, a lazy day on the nearly deserted beach, a good meal at the local restaurant, and taking in the pristine surroundings.

the section of the beach that we went to on friday is only accessible via the state training facility, which was full of new recruits jogging the grounds, as well as home to a fleet of “retired” military aircraft and combat vehicles.

we opted for an early sunrise in lieu of a late night, and awoke saturday morning to a surprisingly chilly, but nonetheless gorgeous and rewarding sunrise. people were jogging and biking at dawn, coffee was on when we got back to the b&b, and we enjoyed a wonderful homecooked breakfast while reading on the patio. (fyi: the ocean house bakes cookies from scratch every day for its guests – there is a table where cookies and lemonade are always available. it was heaven.)

spring lake is the kind of town that moves at a slower pace, and exudes a wholesome air. it’s the type of place i could see myself falling easily into step with – that is, if i lived a much different kind of a life, because let’s be honest, nothing about my life is slow – and that’s exactly the way i like it! but of course, it was a wonderful escape, if only for two short days…

welcome to the ocean house!



only benches and bikes on this boardwalk.

the shore:


no lie – this seagull ate an animal cracker directly out of john’s hand! unbelievable!



bath house…how proper!


our bikes were safe wherever we left them…stark difference from dc!

remarkable wooden bridge crossing the lake…

st catharine’s cathedral

training grounds






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One response to “the jersey shore.

  1. john

    Spring Lake check list:
    1) feed the seagulls
    2) collect sand dollars
    3) get kicked off boardwalk for rogue bike riding

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