this is for pat.

may i present, my cup of coffee.


as i was getting in my car i snapped this photo as a statement to myself.
its purpose was, and is, to remind myself to shoot off the cuff, shoot every day, and share photos every day.
my good friend, and awesome photographer, pat ryan has (consistently) encouraged me to do a ‘photo of the day’, emailing or blogging an image each day, representing what i am currently shooting. to illustrate how non-intimidating this daunting task may seem, he told me how he once posted a picture of his morning cup of coffee, which brought as much, if not more, praise from his audience.
not only did this resonate well with me, but it served to remind me that there absolutely is art in the ordinary, and being a photographer means bringing that to the surface.
i know that i need to not wait to share only the impressive magazine covers, magnificent scenery, or perfect moments…i need to shoot, and share, and work to be constantly creating, even if in the end, it is just something ordinary.

because sometimes, the ordinary is the most remarkable.


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