national marine sanctuary foundation: leadership awards dinner.

celebrating capitol hill ocean week.

for the 3rd year in a row, i was honored to photograph the national marine sanctuary foundation leadership awards dinner at the famed ronald reagan building + international trade center in DC. the event, held annually during capitol hill ocean week, honors top leaders in marine conservation and draws the most notable oceanographers, explorers and activists in the field.

master of ceremonies boyd matson of national geographic fame, once again entertained guests and introduced speakers dr. jane lubchenco, jason patlis, dan basta, jean-michel cousteau + bob talbot – all of whom reflected on issues related to the current state of our oceans, especially in light of the recent and devastating oil spill in the gulf.

this year’s award recipients were as impressive as ever – congresswoman lois capps + congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen, co-chairs of the national marine sanctuary caucus, received the 2010 leadership award in recognition of their support of the national marine sanctuaries. julie packard, executive director of the monterey bay aquarium, was honored with this year’s lifetime achievement award for her commitment to ocean sustainability + leadership in marine conservation over the past three decades. and steve kroll, from the thunder bay national marine sanctuary, was named national volunteer of the year.

additionally, the evening celebrated the 10th anniversary of the national marine sanctuary foundation as well as the 100th anniversary of jacques-yves cousteau‘s birth – with special presentations by the cousteau family + a “red-cap” tribute to the amazing french captain, naval officer, explorer, ecologist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher of the underwater world!

for more about the leadership awards dinner, capitol hill ocean week, and the national marine sanctuary, visit their website, follow them on twitter or become a fan on facebook!

“her deepness” dr. sylvia earle.

director of NOAA’s national marine sanctuaries systems, dan basta.

national marine sanctuary foundation president, jason patlis.

jan + philippe cousteau, jr.

my first crocheted cumberbund!

leadership award recipients congresswoman lois capps + ileana ros-lehtinen.

julie packard accepting her lifetime achievement award from jason patlis.

boyd matson + dr. jane lubchenco.

jean-michel cousteau.

the amazing nominees for volunteer of the year.

signed copy of jacques-yves cousteau’s the silent world.



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national marine sanctuary foundation.

2009 leadership awards dinner.

festive attire at the NMSF leadership awards dinner on june 2, 2009 in DC.

i was thrilled to photograph the national marine sanctuary foundation leadership awards dinner for the second year in a row, earlier this month during national capitol hill ocean week. the event was held in the absolutely stunning atrium at the ronald reagan building + international trade center in dc. guests were treated to a masterful, four-course meal prepared by dc’s premier chefs – todd gray, michel richard, ris lacoste, and xavier deshayes collaborated on a truly amazing menu. 

master of ceremonies, boyd matson of national geographic fame, entertained guests and introduced notable guests dr. sylvia earle and NMSF board chair bob talbot who honored this year’s award recipients.

in recognition her commitment to protect and preserve ocean and coastal resources, representative madeleine z. bordallo of guam received the 2009 leadership award. dr. robert d. ballard was honored with this year’s lifetime achievement award for his life-long commitment to ocean exploration, marine conservation and national marine sanctuaries. commercial fisherman and ocean lover, josh churchman, was named national volunteer of the year.

for more about the leadership awards dinner, capitol hill ocean week, and the national marine sanctuary, visit their website, follow them on twitter or become a fan on facebook!

master of ceremonies, boyd matson.




representative madeleine z. bordallo of guam.

rep. madeleine z. bordallo of guam receives the 2009 leadership award from bob talbot.

dr. robert d. ballard accepted this year’s lifetime achievement award from dr. sylvia earle.

dan basta, director of the office of national marine sanctuaries, with volunteer of the year josh churchman.

NOAA administrator jane lubchenco.


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national marine sanctuary foundation: awards gala.

preserve. protect. promote.

last week i had the opportunity to photograph the 6th annual national marine sanctuary foundation leadership awards dinner. held in the beautiful atrium of the ronald reagan building, the evening recognized and honored volunteers and leaders in the community, including speaker nancy pelosi and senator barbara mikulski. additionally, the famed dr. sylvia earl (chair, deep ocean exploration and research + explorer-in-residence national geographic society) and jean-michel cousteau (president, ocean futures society) were both honored with lifetime achievement awards for their stellar commitment to ocean exploration, research and preservation. 

daniel ho, three-time grammy award winning musician and producer, closed the evening with a amazing performance.

the reagan building.

jean-michel cousteau with his family.

shark trust wine + the tail fin of one of the stunning awards.

dr. sylvia earle addressed the crowd after receiving her lifetime achievement award.

daniel ho.


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