susannah + jason: engaged!

come sail away with me.

susannah + jason are engaged!

this amazing couple is young, in love, and incredibly ambitious! they are both currently in the naval academy, met on the sailing team, and are clearly head over heels for each other. jason’s quiet+cool vibe is a perfect compliment to susannah’s vibrant and shining personality – i simply loved them! they are planning a summer wedding for next year (after they both graduate) and plan on traveling around the globe – jason on a navy boat and susannah with the marine corps! i was beyond impressed with their passion for life, each other, and the world – cheers to susannah + jason!




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3 responses to “susannah + jason: engaged!

  1. Aaah, young love. Those are some happy kids. I love that huge wide angle one of her leaning over to kiss him. ;o)

  2. this must be a common occurrence – my cousin met her husband at the Naval Academy on the sailing team but she outranked him so they couldn’t even admit they were dating much less get engaged until he graduated.

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