5 responses to “jen + wayne: engaged!

  1. Howard Spelkoman

    These are great !!! (Jen’s Dad)

  2. Morgan Gable

    wow … these are by far the BEST engagement pictures that i have EVER seen!

  3. Judi Banco Maurer

    These photos truly tell a story. They capture the real Jen and Wayne. I love them!!! (the photos and Jen and Wayne too)
    (Jen’s Mom)

  4. The blonde photographer did good…I mean really good..but then again she had great material to work with!
    The images capture your environs and your true essence at a very special and exciting time in your lives. I know that many years from now you will look at these shots, look at each other, laugh out loud, dance around the room, and remember what a magical time this was. Good choice guys!

  5. Nana


    I love the pictures!!

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