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i *just* realized that theblondephotographer.com recently hit a record high of 200,000 views over the weekend! i am thrilled and overwhelmed that so many people take the time to look at this site and comment on my work! i feel so very lucky to be able to capture the lives of so many amazing people and share the images here on this blog. a huge thank you to everyone who helped take blonde photo from a whimsical idea to a blossoming success…i couldn’t have asked for a better first year (2008 was incredible!!) and i anticipate even more wonderful things in 2009! woohoo!



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8 responses to “200,000.

  1. only 200K? kidding of course. that rocks!

    kudos to your great work.

  2. awesome! you are so loved!

  3. Denise

    yeah jaime….

  4. Michelle

    It’s becasue you are GREAT at what you do!!

  5. originalfritz

    Well well well! Good for you! To be honest I am not surprised, you always succeed in everything!

  6. blossoming success is an understatement :) congrats, woman!!

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