first contact: production complete!

ufo america: introducing the cast of first contact!

above: that’s me on the set! 3rd from left, gazing thoughtfully into the night sky, trusty 5D slung over my shoulder! 

last month i was lucky enough to work with the amazing cast + crew of ufo america: first contact (click HERE to read about the shoot!) and even made a cameo appearance on film! i just received this awesome image of the entire cast of the pilot episode and can’t wait to see how everything turns out! it was such a great experience and i am honored to be among such a talented group of people!



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2 responses to “first contact: production complete!

  1. MK

    Himay! That is so awesome/funny. I love it. Sorry I didn’t get to see you yesterday :( xo!

  2. That’s a pretty cool gig and a slick image they got. Looked like fun!

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