coming soon: india!

details = treasures.




just a few of the beautiful images from a recent (very private) wedding at oxon hill manor. i loved all the indian details, especially the way the cake design complemented the henna on the bride’s hands and of course the ring shot with the elephant placeholder! it was a gorgeous wedding which perfectly incorporated both the bride and the groom’s religions + cultures. she even had a sari + a white wedding gown – both of which were unbelievably beautiful!

i especially enjoyed talking with the groom’s family, since i will be traveling to india in january + february of next year! i’m so excited and just in the beginning planning stages now, but will fill in the details very soon! what i know for certain is that i will be around for inauguration (taking place just steps from my house!) and returning back in time to start my wedding season on march 1. 2009 is going to be another busy, exciting year, and i can’t think of a better way to kick it off than with a trip exploring india!



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3 responses to “coming soon: india!

  1. incredibly beautiful shots. i love living vicariously through you and reading about your adventures :)

  2. Rin-rin

    India is a great place to photograph… i went almost two years ago. make sure you talk to me before you go!

  3. Ashir B.

    Nice. I won’t be there when you go, but let me know if you need folks to look out for ya. I’ve got your back, fo’ sho. Glad to see you’re still enjoying every moment. When I grow up, I want to be just like you. . .

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