fall blonde.

the (dark) blonde photographer.


i have happy hair!

i’m so thrilled to have discovered the fabulous SUE VOLANS, stylist extraordinaire at BANG SALON in chinatown! she’s a total rockstar and she just moved back into town so if you are looking for a new stylist go see her ASAP before she’s totally booked up! (*also* for my brides! she is an AMAZING stylist who loves doing bridal parties and will totally come to you!!)

she gave me an awesome consultation and i felt totally comfortable just letting her do her thing and i *love* the results! it’s definitely different and a little less blonde, but everyone needs a little change now and then, don’t you think?



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6 responses to “fall blonde.

  1. MK

    love love looooooove it!!!!

  2. Cef

    So, your company name is kind of a hoax now?

  3. quinnep

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! happy hair! i love it!

  4. mamasita

    your are beautiful! and you are still a blonde one!

  5. Denise

    oooh Jaime I love it.


  6. jessi

    hot sister cat!

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