back from greece!

me + mamasita enjoying the sunset at oia on the greek island of santorini. if i look apprehensive it’s because a stranger is handling my fancy camera – on a cliff nonetheless – and not because i’m not thoroughly enjoying myself (which of course, i was!)

hello! yes, i have returned from a wonderful escape to the greek islands…and am furiously working through the 300+ emails, phone calls, and of course, diligently editing photos! i’ll be posting a few blogs and stories from greece very soon, i have some wedding that need attention first! also, i’m headed out to LA on thursday for a few days to shoot and then i’ll be traveling in august as well…more about that upcoming trip (so excited!) after i share everything about the greek islands!

so stay tuned! photos from greece coming soon!



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5 responses to “back from greece!

  1. MK

    so tan = me so jealous!


  2. kas

    can’t wait. we need to re-create habana sometime soon.

  3. wilvia

    my dream vacation. cant wait to read all about it.
    you look great, btw. and so does mom.


  4. Awesome Jaime. Excited to see and learn more about your trip to Greece and everything else you got planned.

  5. redshoes1

    Hi Jaime. I just got back from Greece as well! Ironically, I was there with my stepdad, who is quite the world traveler. I was there July 7th-21st and had an incredible time on the islands. Santorini was beautiful and romantic (which is wierd when you are with your dad), Mykonos one big party, and Athens…surprising. I am sure you had a great time too & I would love to hear about your experiences there.

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