*alert* i’m in greece!

hello! i am currently en route to athens, greece for two fabulous weeks in the greek islands! i’m hoping to blog from there with stories and photos, but also planning on unwinding and unplugging!

to all my amazing clients awaiting photos: do not fear! you are right here with me! meredith + paul, katie + chris, yeti + carl – i know you had fantastic honeymoons but now you are headed to greece via my macbook – woohoo!!





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4 responses to “*alert* i’m in greece!

  1. Yannis

    WOW!!!!!I am greek .my name Yannis,come Thessaloniki!!!!!to see you my town!!!

  2. Cricket

    Come back soon. The sitter doesn’t leave me enough water.


  3. Sheryl

    Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to see the photos. Safe travels!!

  4. Joann

    LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well – DC is hot and humid so best you stay relaxing on one of the islands along the Mediterranean Sea. You deserve it! But I hope you really meant what you wrote -“you are unplugging???” If you were unplugging, you wouldn’t be blogging! :) Have fun and check in when you get back.

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