honfest 2008: photo galleries!

*UPDATE*  for HONFEST 2009 photo galleries click HERE

1 festival, 2 days, 3 fabulous photo galleries.

hello hons!! photos from honfest are ready! there are literally a thousand final photos from the two-day honfest, so i have separated them into three galleries by photographer.  

did i mention there was a hon wedding?? see more here.

if you had your photograph taken by mamasita in the photo booth or on the street look for your photo here:  jaimewindon.smugmug.com/gallery/5188266_JfQ6A 

for all festival photos and the few photo booth snaps taken by me check out this gallery:  jaimewindon.smugmug.com/gallery/5190318_65brK

and a big thanks to michelle who stepped in and snapped some photo booth pics as well! if she took your picture on sunday you will find it here:  jaimewindon.smugmug.com/gallery/5195523_Vd3km




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12 responses to “honfest 2008: photo galleries!

  1. It’s a HON invasion. I may have nightmares. Good schtuff Jaime!

  2. kate

    totally awesome.

  3. Jennifer Ske

    Had A great time at Honfest 2008

  4. mary

    Thank you for these wonderful photos, hon.
    I couldn’t make it out to Balto for the Hon Fest, but really enjoyed your fabulous Hon photos.

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  7. Michelle

    Hey I was there at the Honfest 2008 and I was working at the Honeywine stand and was in the contest I was just wondering if you had more pics of that day bc I know that you took photos of me.

    Thanks Bunches
    Michelle Asbury

    Hope to see you there this year

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  9. Maria

    Where can I get a Balti-Amore t-shirt in Little Italy?

  10. Steve

    I was born and raised on Elm Avenue. Work brought me to Ft Worth Texas. I miss all da’ hons!! Down here if you call anyone “hon” they look atcha’ like youse got two heads. Oh yeah; nobody down here knows how to steam crabs the right way……..

  11. Patty

    Hey Steve, we oughta’ hook up. I was raised on Union Ave. Now living in Dallas. I had to teach my girlfriends here how to steam crabs and make the crabcakes we’re famous for. Don’t know about Ft Worth, but if I call someone “hon” here they think I’m gay or hittin’ on them. Maybe the next time we could hookup and go downy ocean, kay?

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