honfest: day 2.

a few of my favorite people.

me + charlene: best hon 3rd place winner and totally fabulous woman!

honfest day two was just as spectacular as the first day! we had another very busy day at the tent, with mamasita rocking the photo booth all day long! let me just say i have the BEST, coolest, most fun mom ever! i couldn’t ask for a better friend or partner for this weekend. i feel incredibly lucky! also, our fantastic friend (and one of my beautiful 2008 brides) michelle even jumped in and took over the booth for a while!

the highlight of the day was the conclusion of the BEST HON contest, a big congrats to agnes hurley the 2008 BEST HON! i loved everything about the HONFEST, but most importantly it was the people who made it such a wonderful experience. everyone was absolutely awesome – so here’s to new friends and hons everywhere!


the coveted title…

…and bawlmer’s best hon 2008: agnes “punkin” hurley!

two of the women who make it all happen: cafe hon owner and honfest founder denise whiting, and my incredible friend kate.

bawlmer’s best hons EVER: heidi + mom rita!

two of my brides!! sara + michelle! love them!!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place little miss hons 2008!

some of the amazing honfest volunteers!

me with jack from sugar, and little miss rose.




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4 responses to “honfest: day 2.

  1. Kim

    ooooh! looks like so much fun! i wish i could have been there with you! and mk too. at the same time.

  2. You rock! Your pictures truly capture the energy of the day. As usual…awesome job! Looking forward to the galleries.

  3. that picture of denise is so cute!

    and those gay wings… hmmmm…..

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