whatever gets you through the night…

frozen chai latte, what would i do without you?

wedding season is officially in full swing.
and the blonde photographer is officially in overdrive.

anyone who knows me knows that i don’t drink caffeine (yes, it’s crazy but true) however, hard times call for extreme measures, and these days frozen chai goodness keeps my motor running. a big thanks to the fabulous man who made me this lifesaver last night at hard bean coffee and booksellers in annapolis. when i was in st. michaels’ for katie + chris’ amazing wedding i got hooked on this delicious caffeinated treat. ever since, i have been requeting them everywhere i go! luckily starbucks keeps them on the menu, but other coffee shops look at me like i’m crazy…which, of course, i am.



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2 responses to “whatever gets you through the night…

  1. quinnep

    you’re hysterical.

  2. Thanks for the link. Love your photos.

    The Fabulous Man who made your frozen chai latte.
    General Manager
    Hard Bean Annapolis

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