sam + ginger: doggie photoshoot!

say hello to these adorable bassett hounds! sam is the brown + white, fiesty, younger brother to the serene (yet vocal!) ginger. i had a great time photographing this “couple”…a nice change of pace!


sg757.jpg sg771.jpg


sg759.jpg sg766.jpg

sg762.jpg sg758.jpg




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4 responses to “sam + ginger: doggie photoshoot!

  1. MK

    omg! so cute! nice work!

  2. Cef

    I love the one through the fence!

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  4. Hey Jamie – nice shots. Said hello to you on the train back from NY. Kind of watched you touch these guys up on your laptop. Hope you had a great visit – looks like you certainly had a great shoot.

    Happy Holidays,


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