rooftop party.

saturday marked the first annual rooftop dance bash for a cause – the party took place downtown at 1700 pennsylvania avenue, and guests rocked out on the expansive rooftop, enjoying pink vodka and raising money for the e.l. haynes charter school.

sean cain, a 3rd grade teacher at e.l. haynes, got the crowd going by exhibiting his dj skills, while other teachers poured stiff drinks for the guests…

hosts winston lord, jacquelyn davis and kimball stroud mingled throughout, greeting the hundreds that were in attendance – including the usual suspects, the local celebrities, and even producer stephen nemeth, who produced fear and loathing in las vegas

serious dancing got under way when dc dj seyhan duru showed up later in the night and mixed it up on the stage…summer may officially be over, but the parties are just getting started…hello “event season” in dc!

proceeds from the event benefit e.l. haynes charter school.

jacquelyn davis, stephen nemeth, kimball stroud:

pink vodka kept the party going strong…

two of my favorite people in dc – chris larsin and lauren vicary:

i love this photo of amanda little + garrett clarke:

not bad for an elementary school teacher!

windy shepard either thinks i’m crazy or funny…possibly both:

crazy fun brothers michael + david shapiro:

kori hill, coventry burke, heather halsey + nikki hill:

view from the top!



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2 responses to “rooftop party.

  1. Matt Gorman

    I assume there are more pics than are shown on ititial page? How do I jump to the rest? I’d like to, hopefully, buy one of Suzanne Cooper and me.

  2. Windy

    Yeah, I think you are pretty hilarious ;-) Was good to see you, glad you finally got the lighting right – LOL

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