cool boston artists.


love boston + love artists = love fort point.

fort point is right across the water from the financial district of boston, a bronx-ish neighborhood that is experiencing a new surge of life: thanks (hugely) in part to the talented artisits who fill the industrial lofts that line streets, disguised as warehouses and other massive old buildings. inside each is an enclave of cool, artsy folks who produce everything from paintings and pottery to jewelry and photographs. the opportunity to check out their studios and their work comes twice a year — a ‘preview’ art walk in the spring, and then the larger open studios event in the fall.

i went up to boston a few weeks back and spent some time admiring some of my new favorite artists, check them out:

  • kristen mills :: amazing painter, currently working on creating “a hundred million” miniature paintings, i have #47.
  • jennifer farmer :: super cool jewelry maker, definitely a “for the people” kind of chick, using creative repurposed materials (think slivers of PBR cans turned into radical earrings) to make great pieces…love my red stone lariat!
  • mike hammecker :: fresh, talented painter/graphic designer who also maintains boston arts and culture online magazine.
  • fp.jpg



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    2 responses to “cool boston artists.

    1. thanks for the kind words.. when are you coming back to boston?

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