windows: food tasting!

lunch with two amazing women, by my favorite caterer in dc.


a few weeks ago i was invited by the fabulous danielle couick to a tasting lunch at windows! danielle is a senior event coordinator at windows catering which is highly regarded as one of the premier caterers in dc. i absolutely love working with windows and was so thrilled to be invited to their tasting room! i was joined by my friend + fellow photographer julia macinnis, who wrote an incredible entry about our experience on her blog

windows is absolutely gorgeous – a light-filled space adorned with gorgeous images of their food + events, i was impressed the moment i arrived. we were welcomed with mango bellini’s and entered the stunning tasting room decorated with the sparkling colors + textures of their amazing dinnerware. a sublime 4-course lunch followed, featuring tuna tartare, maine lobster, lobster pasta, filet of beef, the freshest vegetables, and a decadent chocolate dessert. each course was paired with wine and it was all perfectly incredible!

afterwards, we toured the facility, admiring the impeccable kitchen with it’s stellar staff and impressive organization. windows provides catering for corporate events, weddings, and even private dinners with as few as two guests! (a *fantastic* idea for valentine’s day or an anniversary!) 

i absolutely loved my windows experience – i already loved working with danielle at weddings, and now i can attest to the fact that they serve absolutely incredible cuisine. stellar service, attention to detail, and amazing food – what more you could you want from a caterer?


maine lobster with cannerozzetti pasta.


the filet of beef.

mango + cocoa bomb.

the incredible array of table + dinnerware!


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