vancouver island :: bamfield.

part VI :: the idyllic island town.

sunset fog — bamfield, vancouver island, BC.

there’s only one road that takes you to the remote village of bamfield, a semi-private, narrow and winding, ultra-steep, gravel logging road. with no cell service. and lots of logging trucks. we made the harrowing 80km journey from port alberni on a sunday afternoon — literally on the edge of our seats the entire trip. however, it wasnt until the return trip on tuesday morning that we passed no less than five hugemongous logging trucks barreling down the slippery gravel road, kicking up dust storms that rendered us unable to proceed for minutes at a time. we quickly learned that logging roads are no joke, but an adventurous way to travel (in an SUV) and in retrospect.

as out of the way as it is, bamfield is a world-renowned fishing destination located on the barkley sound and part of the pacific rim national park. 100 lb halibut and 30 lb salmon are not uncommon in these waters, and the lifelong watermen take out numerous groups of sport fishermen in the summer high-season. we were lucky enough to meet del thompson — one of the kindest, smartest, funniest men i’ve ever met, and the owner of red eye charters. we spent the morning on del’s boat salmon fishing just offshore (the catch of the day was a 28lb chinook!) and the evening touring the harbor and observing the abundant wildlife. scores of sunbathing sea lions, spunky families of river otter, and precocious deer lined the shores, while eagles and herons soared above us.

bamfield was the final stop on an absolutely amazing tour of vancouver island, and for me it was the highlight of the trip. bamfield was exactly the small village experience i hoped to have on the island — both because of  its simple and remote location and the kind and honest people we encountered there. it is exactly the kind of place i would excitedly return to year after year, anxious to see familiar faces, swap stories, and revel in the thrilling simplicity of a day spent on the water.


posing with the catch of the day — a 28lb chinook salmon!

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part VI :: vancouver island :: bamfield.

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2 responses to “vancouver island :: bamfield.

  1. Jillian

    Jaime, the photos get progressively more interesting! You have done an amazing job capturing the island culture!

  2. Dad & kathy

    NICE FISH!!!!!!

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