sunset on manasota key.

love like a sunset.

tommy + kathy :: married! manasota key, florida.

i just returned from a whirlwind weekend in south florida for my dad’s wedding!

the tiny, private ceremony took place on the white sands of manasota key just before sunset. including the bride + groom there were only six of us in attendance, making this one of the smallest weddings i’ve witnessed, and the first time i’ve ever signed a marriage certificate! it was a wonderfully emotional + intimate celebration and i loved being such an integral part of the day. it gives me great joy to see someone i love so much find happiness + love – and as always i feel privileged to be able to capture and share that love with my camera.

dad + kathy – i’m thrilled that you found each other and wish you an absolutely blissful life together!



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12 responses to “sunset on manasota key.

  1. kate!

    i want to see the rest of these!!


  2. Dad & Kathy

    THANK YOU!!!!! youre such a wonderful daughter so glad you could be such a big part in our wedding – cant wait to see more i am at work but will show kathy as soon as i get home. love dad

  3. I live about 15 minutes from Manasota… it is the perfect place for a wedding :) You had such a beautiful weekend down here, too! Lots of sunshine!

  4. Kristen

    Jaime this is awesome! Congrats to your Dad!!

  5. Cef

    Is there a “like” on your blog? Congrats!

  6. Jamie Richards

    YAY! Congrats *Mr. Windon*!!!!

  7. Tauni

    Tommy & Kathy, Congratulations!

    Life is better now :-)


  8. Marc and Aniko

    You make an awesome couple!


  9. NJ Yankee Fan

    I am so happy for my sister and new brother in law. This is a beautiful photo and I can’t wait to see the rest of them. I wish Kathy and Tom many years of happiness!! Love ,

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