108 cat years pretty much feels like forever.

cricket :: may, 2008 – washington, dc.

the only animal i’ve ever loved lived to be 23 years old.

cricket was a spunky little himalayan/siamese/calico mix with huge eyes and a sassy personality. clearly, she was also a fantastic model. sadly, she passed away last night and i’m missing her terribly.



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30 responses to “cricket.

  1. :(

    i will miss cricket too. meow little ragdoll, meow.

  2. Chris

    My heart hurts for you :(

  3. mamasita

    she was and will remain the only cat i ever loved… i will miss her comings and goings…and of course her yelling at me when i called her name or when she wanted food… she was truly a beautiful and loving cat… i will miss you cricket cat :(

  4. Courtney Middleton

    So sorry Jaime :(

  5. lian yuen

    sadness. xoxo jaime. rip dear cricket.

  6. Donna DiBlasio

    So sorry to hear :(

  7. So sorry to hear that. It is so hard when an animal passes away, but we just have to remember the joy they brought us.

  8. Melissa

    There is no love like the unconditional love from our four-legged friends. So sorry Jamie. :(

  9. sorry to hear the news :(

  10. Kat

    Know that just as she made your life so much brighter, you did the same for her. I’m so sorry for your loss but so glad you had so many great years and memories. Hugs to you.

  11. Cef

    Even though she made my eyes itch and made me sneeze uncontrollably, I always welcomed her to fall asleep on my arm. Glad that I got that one last time. Miss you cricket.

  12. what a sweet photo of her. she was lucky to have such a loving mama. thinking of you. hugs!

  13. kas

    awww. baby cee… you were a good nurse to kittehket. cee could have had her own reality show. i think we needz to see cowgirl kitteh pix as well. *hugs*

  14. MK

    All these comments made me cry. Cricket was such a sassy pants. She will be so, so missed. I’m glad I got to come over a few weeks ago and give her one last snuggle. Baby Cee, you were one awesome feline.

    “There is something about the presence of a cat…that seems to take the bite out of being alone.” Louis Camuti

  15. Denise

    So sorry Jaime. You are so lucky to have had her for so long – what a great life she had – lucky kitty.

  16. you were such a good mama to little cricket

  17. goslingphoto

    Sorry to hear boo.

  18. :( Cricket! I am so sad! I hope you are okay Jaime! aww poor baby ill miss you cricket!

  19. ohh jaime, i am so sorry :( thinking of you from Denver.

  20. jamie r.

    oh cricket. my favorite cat. always and forever. i will miss your sweet face.

  21. Thinking of you! I’m so sorry Jaime!

  22. Aww – why can’t pets live FOREVER???

  23. Cricket sure was a damn cool cat.
    I can’t believe she lived to be 23!
    Really sorry to hear the sad news JW.

  24. jes&joe

    this is the best picture of her. miss you kiki.

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