8 responses to “rachel + scott: engaged!

  1. aww super sweet. i love love love the third from bottom – backlighting, a little flare, sweet color and couple cuteness!

  2. Rachel Stirba

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them Jaime!!!! :-D Thanks so much!

  3. Trish Nicholson

    Great photos! Thanks for sending the link, Annette. Rachel, I am so happy for you!!!

  4. Lindsey L.

    Omg these pics are so beautiful! Love the vibrant colors. What a cute couple ;)

  5. Leslie Jones

    Adorable and amazing. You really captured their personalities. I always, always love your work, but for some reason, stands out as one my favorite engagement sessions of all!

  6. Judy Lowe

    Pictures were absolutely beautiful of these 2 darling “in-love” people. I know they will make the world a better place. Keep the pictures coming. They are so artistic and display Del Ray in its splendor. :-)

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