tall trees.

giants in the california wilderness.

staring up the trunks of the tallest trees on earth, the redwood national forest, humboldt county, ca.

for the past few days i’ve been traversing northern california from big sur to crescent city – hiking through the redwood forest, exploring the lost coast, trekking into deep fern canyons, and horseback riding through the mountains. my dad + i have logged over 1200 miles and seen so much in just 5 days, making the 2009 father’s day redwood roadtrip a huge success! it’s been great spending the week with my dad and we hope everyone had a fantastic father’s day!



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6 responses to “tall trees.

  1. hey you know i live in sf right? why not come say high

  2. Narda

    Goregous picture. If you have a little time,a nd you are still up there, stop by Guerneville. It is a cute little town along the Russian River. Man I miss California

  3. Jamie

    i catch up on your life via website…so busy you are! call me i back from h-moon!!!!!!!!!!

  4. maureenlynn

    awesome! it’s my goal to go there someday with the convertible top down and the wind in my hair.

  5. Think I talked my dad into going in the next year.

    Drove my mother down 3 years ago, at at 89. Said it was the most peaceful place she had ever been in her life.


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