lagos, portugal.

escape to the algarve.

the algarve: the fabulous souther region of portugal renowned for its sandy beaches and constant sunshine…we traveled by train south from lisbon to the town of lagos, situated on the windward coast. lagos is small but thronged with visitors on holiday in august – the city center (protected by the old city walls and off-limits to traffic) is a maze of cobbled streets jam packed with restaurants, bars and shops, and people. at night, it has a boardwalk-like atmosphere with street performers, artists, musicians and stands filling every open space. across the marina a sandy beach stretches to the east with a handful of beach-club type restaurants that serve up fresh seafood and cold drinks. lagos, for all its attractions, has one major drawback: fierce winds that slap sand at sunbathers and whip through the streets at night. above all, it was warm and sunny and a very happy place…highlights included delicious baby squid, super sweet sangria, swimming in europe’s (chilly!) atlantic ocean, the bustling fish market, and the lively city center with its energetic nightlife.

eels at fish market.

lunch at playa meia praia.

las flores!

iglesia en la tarde.




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2 responses to “lagos, portugal.

  1. Hi:
    Your blog is very interesting. Just one little note: as brazilian my maternal language is portuguese. In Portugal, they also speak portuguese, not spanish. That said, you should write ” as flores”, “igreja à tarde” e “festa”.
    Best Regards,

  2. ha! thanks julia, oversight on my part! i’m in spain right now and speaking spanish every day – not to mention my portuguese is (sadly) close to non-existent! i managed to master “obrigada” and “faz favor” but otherwise i spoke in spanish or english to everyone :)

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