happy birthday…to me!


loving this image my awesome friend MK sent me this morning, and therefore deem it worthy of being my happy birthday image for this silly post :)

its a lovely 60 degree day in dc and i plan on enjoying it! it’s already been a great morning – i enjoyed the sunday paper and a chai latte as well as the countless emails, facebook messages and phone calls from my awesome family + friends – thank you! i’m getting ready to do a little *fun* shopping in georgetown, swing by the national gallery of art, maybe snap some photos of the city, and then prepare for an incredible dinner at citronelle – YAY!

it’s funny how we don’t get as excited about or birthdays as we get older…especially when there aren’t any traditional milestones to look forward to…but as much as i’ve “complained” about turning 28 i am really excited about all the big plans i have for this year particularly with blonde photo, llc and i’m so grateful for the 28 years of life and experience that i’ve had so far – i should be so lucky to have many more ahead of me.

interesting fact: i was born 3.3.80 at 3:38 am – and today its 3.3.08 – that’s got to be extra special, no?



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4 responses to “happy birthday…to me!

  1. MK

    I love you Miss Fancy Pants Windon! xoxo!

  2. Kim

    You are a fancy pants! this is like a star birthday or something right? that’s what happens when all the dates/times line up? ok, not really.. this is probably more complicated and special than that. like an eclipse birthday or something. or so i shall officially name it.

  3. Jessi

    Happy Birthday Jaime!!

  4. willy

    happy bday!! hopefully someone gives you a high five, i know i would

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