organic wine.

the rockfish hosted an organic wine tasting at the restaurant tuesday night in annapolis…bacchus importers was on hand pouring frog’s leap sauvignon blanc, among others, and answering questions about the wine as well as the organic growing process. basically, organic wine is better for the land, better for your health, and better for your conscience. so drink up!

here’s what frog’s leap winemakers have to say about why they farm organically:

“If it makes sense that the grapes reflect the soils in which they’re grown, doesn’t it make sense to provide the most healthly, rich soil environment from which the vines can take their nutrients? Balancing our soils with organic matter results in deeply rooted vines and better quality fruit. Better quality grapes means better tasting wine. For us, organics just make good sense.”

*also* checkout more about how the rockfish is making some seriously impressive strides in promoting a local recycling program for area businesses and operating as a certified green business.

terralogos green home services was also part of this event, speaking with guests about how to effectively “invest in your home, not the power company!” – their company logo.







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